1.76 Index
The Worlds Thinnest Organic Lens!*

Why Tokai?

Tokai is a bespoke Japanese lens manufacturer. As specialists in the field of premium ophthalmic lenses, Tokai develop and produce beautiful, bespoke lenswear.

Visible quality

Founded in 1939, Tokai offers a wealth of experience and is the third largest lens company in Japan.

Tokai focuses on innovation, customer satisfaction, excellent service, and outstanding quality. From development to production, all work is carried out in-house.

Tokai is proud to have designed and manufactured the world’s thinnest lens - 1.76 index – which is available in both single vision and progressive designs with the following features:

The pursuit of optical perfection has driven Tokai to invest more on research and development than almost any other optical company. Tokai pride themselves on being the first to bring landmark technology to the world of lenswear, enabling them to offer superior quality products.

Tokai’s mission is to continue to develop new technologies to bring you the most advanced lenses on the planet.

Tokai Optical UK

As the UK's official distributer of Tokai lenses, Tokai Optical UK's aim is to work with independent opticians, who pride themselves on delivering exceptional lenswear at the cutting edge of technology.

Speak to us today to find out how Tokai lenses provide the ultimate in quality, visual comfort and cosmetic appeal.

Our vision starts with yours!

*Plastic Transitions Lens